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Tip of the day:

Bass in Thick Weeds

Best methods for thick weeds: Slow-retrieve a spinnerbait or shallow-running crankbait over the top of grass that is submerged a few feet. Cast parallel to definable weed edges if possible. Drop a jig, worm, or weedless spoon into lily-pad pockets and focus on channel-like openings. Don't overlook the inside edges of weedbeds, which may be close to shore or less accessible.

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LocationAverage RatingNumber of Reports
Navajo Lake, NM---4

Charette Lakes, NM---2

Lake Monticello, SC---3

Juniata County, PA---1

Pike County, PA---1

Pickwick Lake, MS---3

Hickory Grove Lake, IA---1

Lake Sequoyah, AR---3

Lake Perry, MS---1

Robert S. Kerr Lake, OK---3

Bridgeport Lake, TX---2

Gibbons Creek, TX---2

Possum Kingdom Lake, TX---2

Lake Whitney, TX---2

Flaming Gorge, WY---3

Southeast Ohio, OH---1

Detroit River, MI---3

Whitehorse Lake, AZ---3

Luna Lake, AZ---3

Cataract Lake, AZ---3

Fall River, OR---4

Santiam River, OR---3

North Puget Sound, WA---1

Lake Overcup, AR---1

Laughlin Big Bend S.P., NV---2

Clark Fork River, MT---1

Big Sioux River, IA---2

Springfield Reservoir, ID---2

Antelope Flat Reservoir, OR---2

Haystack Reservoir, OR---1

Rockcreek Lake, OR---2

Jennings Randolph Lake, WV---1

New River, WV---1

Chickahominy Lake, OR---1

Pecos River, NM---4

Conchas Lake, NM---3

Lake Wateree, SC---3

Somerset County, PA---1

Wyoming County, PA---1

Carbon County, PA---1

Chotard Lake, MS---2

Arkansas River, AR---4

Lake Bogue Homa, MS---1

Lake Carl Blackwell, OK---1

Lake Athens, TX---2

Cooper Lake, TX---2

Navarro Mills Lake, TX---2

Tolendo Bend, TX---2

Rock Port, TX---2

Chetco River, OR---4

Manistee River, MI---4

Upper Penisula, MI---4

Rainbow Lake, AZ---3

Fool Hollow Lake, AZ---3

Apache Lake, AZ---2

Nestucca River, OR---4

Williamson River, OR---1

Ft. Gibson Lake, OK---3

Metolius River, OR---2

Stillwater River, MT---1

Maquoketa River, IA---3

Big Creek Lake, IA---2

Quemado Lake, NM---2

Fish Lake, OR---2

Owyhee, OR---2

Beech Fork Lake, WV---1

Greenbriar River, WV---1

Houghton Lake, MI---1

Rio Pueblo, NM---4

Fenton Lake, NM---4

Little River, SC---3

Washington County, PA---1

Berks County, PA---1

Clinton County, PA---1

Lake Ferguseon, MS---2

Calling Panther Lake, MS---4

Greers Ferry Lake, AR---3

Prentiss Walker Lake, MS---2

Wes Watkins, OK---3

Cedar Creek, TX---2

Lake Lavon, TX---2

Lake Somerville, TX---2

Galveston Bay, TX---2

Chewaucan River, OR---3

St. Joseph River, MI---4

Lake Erie, MI---4

Saguaro Lake, AZ---2

Lake Havasu, AZ---2

Carnero Lake, AZ---3

Kilchis River, OR---4

Umpqua River, OR---4

Boise River, ID---1

Snake River - Hells Canyon, ID---2

Echo Canyon, NV---2

Pere Marquette River, MI---3

Lake Rathbun, IA---3

Daniels Reservoir, ID---1

Cultus Lake, OR---1

Malheur Reservoir, OR---2

Willow Valley, OR---2

Sutton Lake, WV---1

Southwest Rivers, WV---1

Santa Cruz Lake, NM---4

Clayton Lake, NM---2

Lake Keowee, SC---3

Lancaster County, PA---1

Luzerne County, PA---1

Lake Whittington, MS---1

Bear Lake, ID---3

Lake Fayetteville, AR---2

Lake Tom Bailey, MS---2

Skiatook Lake, OK---2

Brownwood Lake, TX---2

Lake Granbury, TX---2

Proctor Lake, TX---2

Wright Patman, TX---2

Crooked River, OR---4

Northeast Ohio, OH---1

Elk River, MI---1

Willow Springs Lake, AZ---3

Lyman Lake, AZ---2

Chevelon Lake, AZ---3

Grande Ronde River, OR---3

Siletz River, OR---4

Olympic Peninsula, WA---1

Lake Hamilton, AR---1


Bitterroot River, MT---1

Lake Sugema, IA---3

Big Wood River, ID---1

Big Lava Lake, OR---1

Klamath Agency Lake, OR---2

Twin Lakes, OR---1

Mt. Storm Lake, WV---1

North Branch River, WV---1

Delintment Lake, OR---1

Red River, NM---4

Eagle Nest Lake, NM---4

Lake Russell, SC---3

Lebanon County, PA---1

Venango County, PA---1

Trace State Park, MS---3

Bee Lake, MS---1

Peckerwood Lake, AR---1

Lake Claude Bennet, MS---3

Lake Eufaula, OK---4

Lake Bastrop, TX---2

Falcon Lake, TX---2

O.H. Ivie Lake, TX---2

Lake Travis, TX---2

Sabin, TX---2

Alsea River, OR---4

Muskegon River, MI---4

Verde River, AZ---2

Nelson Reservoir, AZ---3

Greer Lakes, AZ---3

Barlett Lake, AZ---2

Owyhee River, OR---4

Wood River, OR---1

Keystone Lake, OK---1

Willow Creek Reservoir, NV---2

Yellowstone River, MT---2

Des Moines River, IA---2

Blackhawk Lake, IA---2

Snow Lake, NM---1

Foster Reservoir, OR---2

Oxbow Reservoir, OR---1

Bluestone Lake, WV---1

Guyandotte River, WV---1

Lake Mitchell, MI---1

Ruidoso River, NM---4

Grindstone Lake, NM---2

Grand Stand, SC---3

Westmoreland County, PA---1

Bucks County, PA---1

Crawford County, PA---1

Lake Beulah, MS---1

Arkabutla, MS---2

Clear Lake, AR---4

Sardis Lake, MS---2

Blue River, OK---3

Choke Canyon, TX---2

Lake LBJ, TX---2

Stillhouse Hollow, TX---2

Matagorda, TX---2

Clackamas River, OR---4

Thunder Bay River, MI---4

Southeast Penisula, MI---3

Santa Fe Lake, AZ---3

Lake Mead, AZ---3

Bear Canyon Lake, AZ---3

Klamath River, OR---4

Umatilla River, OR---4

South Fork, ID---2

Ana Reservoir, OR---2

Illipah Reservoir, NV---2

Lake Cadillac, MI---2

Coralville Lake, IA---1

Horsetheif Reservoir, ID---1

Davis Lake, OR---1

Mann Lake, OR---2

Wolf Creek, OR---2

Tygart Lake, WV---1

West Central Rivers & Lakes, WV---1

Santa Rosa Lake, NM---3

Abiquiu Lake, NM---4

Lake Marion, SC---3

Dauphin County, PA---1

Lycoming County, PA---1

Moon Lake, MS---2

Lake Powell, AZ---2

Lake Frierson, AR---1

Lincoln State Park, MS---3

Lake Tenkiller, OK---4

Lake Buchanan, TX---2

Granger Lake, TX---2

Lake Ray Hubbard, TX---2

Baffin Bay, TX---2

Deschutes River, OR---4

Central Ohio, OH---1

Lake St. Clair, MI---4

Woodland Lake, AZ---3

Lynx Lake, AZ---2

Clear Creek Reservoir, AZ---3

Hood River, OR---4

Smith River, OR---3

Eastern Washington, WA---1

Lake Nimrod, AR---2

South Fork Reservoir, NV---2

Blackfoot River, MT---1

Three Mile Lake, IA---2

Clearwater River, ID---1

Chickahominy Reservoir, OR---2

Krumbo Lake, OR---1

Suttle Lake, OR---2

R.D. Bailey Lake, WV---1

Ohio River, WV---1

Walton Lake, OR---1

Ute Lake, NM---4

Elephant Butte, NM---4

Lake Thurmond, SC---3

Leheigh County, PA---1

Potter County, PA---1

Tombigbee State Park, MS---3

Bay Springs, MS---3

Maddox Bay, AR---4

Lake Columbia, MS---1

Lake Hefner, OK---3

Lake Belton, TX---2

Fayette Lake, TX---2

Oak Creek, TX---2

Walter E. Long, TX---2

South Padre, TX---2

Ohio River, OH---1

Bear River, MI---1

Oak Creek, AZ---2

Parker Canyon Lake, AZ---1

Dead Horse State Park, AZ---3

Alamo Lake, AZ---3

Rogue River, OR---4

Yaquina River, OR---4

Eleven Point River, AR---1

Wilson Reservoir, NV---2

Gallatin River, MT---2

Viking Lake, IA---3

Salmon River, ID---1

Storrie Lake, NM---3

Frog Lake, OR---1

Paulina Lake, OR---1

Burnsville Lake, WV---1

Kanawha River, WV---1

Manisitque Lakes, MI---1

San Juan River, NM---4

Heron Lake, NM---4

Lake Wylie, SC---3

Northampton County, PA---1

Allegheny County, PA---1

Centre County, PA---1

Desoto Lake, MS---2

White River, AR---2

Crown Lake, AR---1

Simpson County Lake, MS---2

Alan Henry, TX---2

Lake Coleman, TX---2

Lake Lewisville, TX---2

Sweetwater, TX---2

Port Aransas, TX---2

Ana River, OR---4

Grand River, MI---4

Northwest Penisula, MI---4

Show Low Lake, AZ---3

Horseshoe Lake, AZ---2

Becker Lake, AZ---3

Malheur River, OR---3

Wallowa River, OR---4

Lake Murray, OK---2

Bully Creek Reservoir, OR---2

Cave Lake, NV---2

Au Gres River, MI---1

Greenfield Lake, IA---2

Cochiti Lake, NM---2

Detroit Lake, OR---2

Moon Reservoir, OR---2

Yellowjacket, OR---2

Southwest Reservoirs, WV---1

Animas River, NM---1

Salmon River - Riggins, ID---32

Springer Lake, NM---2

Albuquerque Area Fishing, NM---4

Lake Jocassee, SC---3

Delaware County, PA---1

McKean County, PA---1

Lake Washington, MS---2

Kemper County Lake, MS---3

Lake Conway, AR---4

Natchez State Park, MS---3

Lake Texoma, OK---4

Caddo Lake, TX---2

Grapevine Lake, TX---2

Ray Roberts Lake, TX---2

Bolivar Bay, TX---2

Coquille River, OR---4

Northwest Ohio, OH---1

Portage Lake, MI---1

Woods Canyon Lake, AZ---3

Lee Valley Lake, AZ---3

Concho Lake, AZ---3

Illinois River, OR---3

Snake River, OR---4

North Central Washington, WA---1

Lake Norfork, AR---2

Jakes Creek Reservoir, NV---2

Big Horn River, MT---2

Twelve Mile Lake, IA---2

Cascade Lake, ID---1

Coos County Lakes, OR---2

Lake Selmac, OR---2

Thief Valley, OR---2

Stonecoal Lake, WV---1

Poca River, WV---1

Powder River, OR---1

Chama River, NM---4

Bluewater Lake, NM---4

Lake Moultrie, SC---3

Mifflin County, PA---1

Tioga County, PA---1

Tippah County Lake, MS---3

Aberdeen Lake, MS---3

Millwood Lake, AR---4

Lake Jeff Davis, MS---2

Kaw Lake, OK---4

Lake Bob Sandlin, TX---2

Lake Fork, TX---2

Lake Palestine, TX---2

Lake Weatherford, TX---2

Texas City, TX---2

Lake Erie, OH---2

Boardman River, MI---1

Salt River, AZ---1

Lake Pleasant, AZ---3

Dogtown Lake, AZ---2

Eagle Creek, OR---4

Salmon River, OR---4

Lake Greenwood, SC---2

Kings River, AR---1

Wildhorse Reservoir, NV---2

Missouri River, MT---2

Anita Lake, IA---3

Island Park, ID---18

Agate Lake, OR---2

Galesville Reservoir, OR---2

Pine Hollow, OR---2

Cheat Lake, WV---1

Monongahela River, WV---1

Betsie River, MI---1

Gila River, NM---3

Lake Maloya & Lake Alice, NM---4

Beaufort, SC---3

Perry County, PA---1

Bedford County, PA---1

Bradford County, PA---1

Eagle Lake, MS---2

Little Red River, AR---4

DeGray Lake, AR---3

Pascagoula River, MS---1

Amistad Reservoir, TX---2

Coleto Creek, TX---2

Livingston Lake, TX---2

Lake Tawakoni, TX---2

Port Isabel, TX---2

Applegate River, OR---4

Huron River, MI---3

Northern Lower Penisula, MI---4

Riggs Flat, AZ---1

Kaibab Lake, AZ---3

Big Lake, AZ---3

Molalla River, OR---4

Wilson River, OR---4

Lake Overholser, OK---1

Hells Canyon, OR---2

Eagle Valley, NV---2

Shell Rock River, IA---2

Green Valley Lake, IA---2

Maxwell Lake, NM---1

Diamond Lake, OR---2

Ochoco Reservoir, OR---2

Elvis Presely Lake, MS---2

Cacapon River, WV---1

Lake Chicot, AR---1

Lake Bill Waller, MS---1

Sumner Lake, NM---3

Bill Evans Lake, NM---4

York County, PA---1

Green County, PA---1

Erie, PA---1

Lake Lowndes, MS---3

Grenada Lake, MS---2

Harris Brake Lake, AR---2

Neshoba County Lake, MS---3

Tom Steed Reservoir, OK---4

Calaveras Lake, TX---2

Hubbard Creek, TX---2

Richland Chambers, TX---2

Corpus Christi, TX---2

Coos River, OR---4

Saginaw River, MI---3

Au Sable River, MI---4

Black River, AZ---2

Lake Mohave, AZ---3

Crescent Lake, AZ---3

Imnaha River, OR---4

Suislaw River, OR---4

South Central Washington, WA---1

Lake Dardanelle, AR---2

Lake Mead, NV---2

Big Hole River, MT---2

Lake Macbride, IA---2

Chesterfield Reservoir, ID---1

Crane Prairie Reservoir, OR---1

Lost Creek, OR---2

Wickiup, OR---1

Stonewall Jackson Lake, WV---1

Shenandoah River, WV---1

Cimmarron River, NM---4

Caballo Lake, NM---4

Lake Murray, SC---3

Huntingdon County, PA---1

Monroe County, PA---1

Ross Barnett Reservoir, MS---5

Aliceville Lake, MS---3

Lake Ouachita, AR---3

Lake Mike Connor, MS---2

Lake Oologah, OK---1

Braunig Lake, TX---2

Ft. Phantom Hill Lake, TX---2

Palo Duro, TX---1

White River Reservoir, TX---2

Trinity Bay, TX---2

Southwest Ohio, OH---1

Carp River, MI---1

Silver Creek, AZ---3

Long Lake, AZ---2

Fain Lake, AZ---2

Elk River, OR---4

Sandy River, OR---4

Clear Lake, IA---4

Buffalo River, AR---1

Wayne E. Kirch, NV---2

Boulder River, MT---2

Badger Creek Lake, IA---2

Magic Reservoir, ID---1

Applegate Reservoir, OR---2

Green Peter, OR---2

Prineville, OR---2

East Lynn Lake, WV---1

Mud River, WV---1

Menominee River, MI---1

Jemez Springs, NM---4

Lake Van, NM---4

Charleston, SC---3

Philadelphia County, PA---1

Wayne County, PA---1

Butler County, PA---1

Columbus Lake, MS---3

Spring River, AR---3

Beaver Lake, AR---4

Arbuckle Lake, OK---4

Lake Arrowhead, TX---2

Lake Conroe, TX---2

Monticello Lake, TX---2

Lake Texoma, TX---2

Port Mansfield, TX---2

Blitzen River, OR---4

Looking Glass River, MI---1

Owyhee River, ID---2

Roosevelt Lake, AZ---3

Kinninick Lake, AZ---3

Black Canyon Lake, AZ---3

Nehalem River, OR---4

Willamette River, OR---4

Pine Creek, OK---1

Wallowa Lake, OR---2

Angel Lake, NV---2

Mississippi River, IA---1

Lake Icaria, IA---2

Morphy Lake, NM---1

Emigrant Lake, OR---2

Odell Lake, OR---1

Greenbelt Reservoir, TX---1

Elk River, WV---1

Higgins Lake, MI---1

Rio Grande, NM---4

El Vado Lake, NM---2

Hilton Head, SC---2

Lake Hartwell, SC---3

Chester County, PA---1

Lackawanna County, PA---1

Lake Mary Crawford, MS---3

Enid Lake, MS---2

Lake Catherine, AR---3

Lake Okatibbee, MS---2

Waurika Lake, OK---1

Canyon Lake, TX---2

Joe Poole Lake, TX---2

Sam Rayburn Reservoir, TX---2

Freeport, TX---2

Columbia River, OR---4

St. Clair River, MI---4

Southwest Penisula, MI---3

Colorado River, AZ---2

Knoll Lake, AZ---2

Canyon Lake, AZ---2

John Day River, OR---4

Trask, OR---3

Southwest Washington, WA---1

Hells Canyon, ID---1

Lake Mohave, NV---2

Kalamazoo River, MI---3

Lake Miami, IA---2

C.J. Strike Reservoir, ID---1

Cresent Lake, OR---1

Lost Lake, OR---1

Willow Creek, OR---2

Summersville Lake, WV---1

South Branch River, WV---1


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Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, grabbed the dog, and slipped quietly into the garage.

I hooked up the boat to the truck, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour.

The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the weather would be bad all day.

I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed.

I cuddled up to my wife's back, now with a different anticipation, and whispered, 'The weather out there is terrible.'

My loving wife of 10 years replied, 'Can you believe my stupid husband is out fishing in that?'

And then the fight started ...